1. Entrepreneurs and students will have access to the resources they need to establish successful businesses and technical ability through educational training.

    The center will influence its academic endorsement to create/partner with certificate programs (tech related: coding, digital marketing) for students to improve their skills and knowledge in tech related disciplines.


    Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center is designed to:

    • Inspire discussion by focusing on the process.
    • Encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration.
    • Showcasing some of the professions that students will consider after graduation.
    • Attracting outside firms and investors, as well as forming distinctive and beneficial collaborations with teachers and students.
    • Fast-tracking the transition of research to the marketplace in order to adapt and contribute to the competitive job market.

    The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center addresses entrepreneurs’ needs through a series of activities which include:

    • Setting goals and understanding audiences,
    • Designing and implementing curriculum and instruction,
    • Measuring success

Target Groups of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center:


  1. Students and Alumni

Special entrepreneurial projects, corporate tech skill courses, innovation events with startup firms, and internship opportunities with potential companies will all be held at the center. Students will be encouraged to develop creative and design thinking skills and will be given the opportunities to do so.

  1. Partners

Partners will have direct access to students and alumni, allowing for recruiting, brand/product exposure, and user testing, and hosting community events like workshops, seminars, and meetings.

Center Management Team

Duminda Jayaranjan

Associate Dean
International College

Sabbir Hossain

Center Manager

Uvini De Silva

Manager (Mechatronics)

Thanyachanok Onkong

Coordinator (GR)